Bamboo is an amazing plant that unfortunately has been given the reputation of being hard to control and invasive. Due to this fact, many gardeners tend to avoid it. Sure, it’s true that this reputation definitely is not unfounded and you should never plant bamboo without taking the time to do your research and making sure you watch closely what you’re planting. However, bamboo can actually be a great plant to put in your garden and has a variety of uses, including bamboo clothing.

Types of Bamboo

There are two general types of bamboo plants: clumping and running.

Of course, clumping bamboo grows like the name indicated- in a big clump that typically stays right in the area where you have planted it. If you want your bamboo to be well-behaved and not take over, this is the type that you need to plant.

On the other hand, running bamboo is different than clumping because it will spread like wildfire if you don’t keep it reined in. It spreads by sending out rhizomes, which are underground runners that cause new shoots to pop up wherever it happens to stop. You should never plant running bamboo unless you understand how to control it.

The bamboo plant has been around for many centuries and has a variety of different uses- some of which are new and innovative such as bamboo clothing and building materials. On the other hand, some of these uses are traditional, such as wind instruments.

One thing if for certain, no matter which type of bamboo you choose to plant, you definitely have an opportunity for creating a healthy income for yourself if you can find the right market for selling it. In fact, many Chinese families live off this income because it’s so easy to harvest that the whole family can do it without any problems at all. However, if you do choose to grow bamboo, it’s best to choose the clumping varieties.